Lessons & Activities

The moment you walk inside the Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio in Southbury, you’ll quickly realize why we’re steps above the rest. From our Beginner to Advanced customized dance programs, we set the standard of excellence in ballroom dance instruction.

Our great dance heritage began  in 1947 when one of the greatest ballroom dancers of all time, Mr. Fred Astaire, co-founded our company. He developed a practical, interrelated dance curriculum that embodied the fundamental principles of good dancing, flavored by his style and grace. Now, our studios spread throughout the United States are teaching the “ Fred Astaire way.” We offer all kinds of dance instruction - from ballroom to country western to salsa to nightclub dancing - for all ages and abilities through private, group, and practice lessons.

Learning how to dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studio is always easy and fun! In your very first lesson, you’ll  learn the basic elements of which all dance patterns are based and within hours, you’ll be ready to dance! Don’t put it off for another moment - walk into your Southbury Fred Astaire Dance Studio and dance out!

• Private Dance Lessons                                         

Our Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Southbury has helped many people realize their dreams of becoming confident social dancers.
We offer private dance classes with one or more key teachers.

Private dance lessons are purely structured to the needs of the student. The teaching goes at that dancer’s pace, whether they learn slower or faster than most students.

In a Private dance lesson the student gets the specialized and personalized attention necessary to look and feel great on the dance floor, while developing the ability to lead or follow any partner.

• Group Classes

Group classes are an important aid to private instruction. Patterns, technique, and style are featured in these classes, while balance and coordination are developed.

Group classes provide every student with the opportunity to to see that all students share similar challenges in the learning process. Equally important, group lessons provide you with the opportunity to meet other students with similar dancing goals.

Group classes combined with private instruction is the quickest most efficient way any student can learn.

Each type of lesson develops different skills and all are equally important in the process of becoming a confident social or competitive dancer. New dances, patterns and techniques are introduced or refined in a group lesson. The individual follow-up on a private lesson allows the instructor to clarify any confusing points and blend the new material with what the student has already learned.

• Dance Parties

Practice parties are scheduled to provide an ideal atmosphere in which to practice with teachers and other students.
Regular practice parties are held weekly for current students and their guests. Music, refreshments and a good time is had by all!

Using this new-found knowledge in an actual dance situation provides new challenges, and requires very distinct skills that are impossible to get anywhere but in a practice party.

Our students find that taking advantage of all three lesson types is the fastest and most cost effective way to becoming a confident dancer.
Practice parties complete the lesson information taught in our private and group classes.
Learning is one thing, but making the material work in a live setting while dancing with different people is quite another. This is what our practice parties do. Teachers can then tailor their private lessons based on how they see their students progressing.

• Dance Competition

Participating in our competitions gives every student – and student/teacher dance team – the opportunity to progress more rapidly and become a better dancer sooner.

Students focus on improvement and show off their skills on the dance floor.
Students meet, mingle and compete with other student dancers in order to take home a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

At our competitions, you will have the chance to dance – both competitively and socially - as never before.

As a spectator, you’ll witness all levels of dance, from beginners through professionals, and watch some of the finest ballroom and Latin dancing in the world today.

• Showcases

Showcases are designed for students who find performance dancing exciting.
Special choreography is incorporated in solo or group routines to suit each student’s ability and interest.

They often take place in a public theater where the lights, curtains, green room, etc. provide an element of theatrical excitement.

Participating in a Showcase is a long remembered experience, and something that many students derive pleasure in year after year.